Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Bananarama - part 1

So I head up to the Westend today, stopping by Katherines shop after a lovely lunch at North Star - the Celeraic soup and soda bread was D.I.V.I.N.E! - and I found the Banana silk. Its made entirely from Banana fibres, is a slubby chunky type fibre with a wonderful sheen - How could I resist?
However, across from the Banana silk was some new fyberspates in some gorgeous variegated colours, spun from Bluefaced leicester and silk - boy its so SOFT! I'm in love. In the end the Banana silk won - will be back soon for some gorgeous fyberspates . Also bought some of the Mango Moon lycra yarn to give the BF some "memory", ,as it could grow and grow with its weight .
The 4 ply is still coming on well - will be getting back to it after this, or rather my Perthshire strawberries and jersey thick cream (its so thick and yummy it looks buttery )
Will be taking in a bit of the BBC's Springwatch - watch the kiddies version of this on Cbeebies, and now I have the grownup, violent version. One wee moorhen chick ended up as dinner for a buzzard chick. There is a family of foxes in Glasgow being filmed too - its very entertaining, one wifie feeds the old fox some dog food as it stands on top of her car!
Well back to the knitting.


Poshyarns said...

Banana silk? Sounds fascinating, I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Thanks for your comments on my last post, finding happy thoughts is helping a lot.

Wee Minty said...

lol - I read that as a family from Glasgow, not a family of foxes in Glasgow. Must remember to point and read!!

Must get over to KI yarns some day - only bought from her on the internet and it so not the same!

tash said...

We've been watching Springwatch too, after a hiatus last year when Bill Oddie became so obnoxious I couldn't take it anymore! But this year it was again a pleasure (in some ways...) to watch. Poor owl chicks - as if it's not difficult enough to survive, without being predated by your own sibling! Takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level... But the foxes were lovely to watch.

Sorry about being slack on the comments, still nursing sickly chicken - but hopefully will be back to commenting more regularly :)

P.s. the strawberries and cream sound delicious - is it just me, or does it seem about time for Wimbledon?!