Sunday, 3 June 2007

Tig, you're het!

Okay , Nan has tagged me (I received this information after a morning spent playing games and doing craft -the Franklin type- with the under 8's!)
I've to list 8 interesting things about myself, which is hard, I'm not that interesting a person. *groan*,
1. I have only ever taken part in Karaoke once, at a "fun day" for work - I had just started the day before, and here I was singing in front of my Director (and I won a bottle of wine!)
2. I have worked in a Psychiatric unit as an auxiliary nurse during summer holidays when I was 17/18 - I grew up during those summers .
3.I was nearly arrested in California (hope you're having fun Thea) for driving the wrong way down a one way street - FIVE police cars came as backup to the first one, I got off with a warning ! I'm not sure if the earthquake I experienced the next day was in any way related .
4.I am scared of heights, but have managed to fly in a hot air balloon, and go up the London Eye!
5.As a child I was incredibly shy, and I still have moments where it is hard work not to be shy. With people I am relaxed with, I can be very social.
6.I have gallows humour, sometimes I just can't help laughing at things I know I shouldn't - the scene from the film Small Faces, where the guy wakes up just in time to turn off the gas fire that is slowly poisoning him, then lights up a cigarette! Or the guy who was awoken by the noise of an earthquake, thought it was an intruder and got his gun, accidentally shot himself in the foot and when the police accompanying the ambulance turned up , they discovered the gun had been stolen so arrested him on the way to hospital!
7. I used to play five aside football when I lived in Perth -, we played against other (female ) teams and also took part in the company five aside tournament (got to play with, I mean against boys!)
8.I love sushi - I would love to learn how to make it and go visit Japan, just like my pal Elaine , I have a soft spot for most things oriental .
Now its time for a cup of tea, and a wee peek at Franklins' new niece, she is sooo cute. I am not passing this on to anyone, as I think most folk I know have done it anyway .


Krawuggl said...

Your list sounds like you´ve had and have a very interesting life, wow, I am not sure how I would have coped with all the police cars behind me. I really can feel how heart throbbing it was!
And you´ve been at Purl - oh, how I envy you! But it was funny when I saw the 3 skeins you´ve bought. It is the same with me - when we are on holidays and I know I will have a wonderful yarn shop there I think I will buy then yarn like mad, many many bags full. But then I am so overwhelmed by the huge selection that I cannot decide which one to buy and which not, so on our way back home afterwards I know exactly that I´ve passed a wonderful moment again. This was the case last year in England when I saw all the beautiful Rowan yarn in 'real life', touched them and felt them, I really could have bought them all. I hope I will be wiser this year, when we travel to England again.

Wee Minty said...

Yeah - you're a boring fart!!! (lol)