Friday, 8 June 2007

Coffee and Cables

Last night at Flavaknits night, there was a good turnout. We were discussing the Knit in Public Day - Karen had received some patterns/coupons from Rowan Yarns, the patterns are for beanie hats for Innocent Smoothie drinks, to help raise money for "Help the Aged" . Weather permitting we'll be sitting out at the front at Gourock, may even pop into the outdoor pool, otherwise we'll be in one of several cafes'. If you'd like to join us, give us a shout.
My pal Kathleen will be putting together a slideshow of photo's given to her , showing us Knitting in Public, on her blog .
Today was the first time this year I took Junior Jnr to the Gourock outdoor pool - it was a wee bit cool to start with , but we soon warmed up, splashing about, jumping in and out and trying to swim (JJ that is, I was just the support for him!). The pool is normally very warm, but because it is closed on a Thursday (until Summer Hols), it had gone a bit cold. I was feeling a wee bit teary today, JJ was registered for Nursery, and although I know he's ready and able, still ,he's my baby. So the splashing about in the pool was just the ticket!
My friend Gale brought in the Inspired Cables book last night, it is really lovely, I got a chance to look through it at my leisure . And Kimberley had visited K1yarns and spent spent spent! Habu yarn with steel core (can't remember the name) Hip knits Silk , Colinette Tao silk, plus a lovely Colinette pattern book .
Had a look at Tigerliliths blog the other day, and she mentioned another blogger Claudia who is doing a sponsorered bike run (150 miles - respect!) in aid of MS . If you visit Liliths blog you'll get all the details how to donate, and perhaps a chance to win some donated yarn! Claudia is hoping to raise $30k - she's already raised about $20k, and there is only 2 weeks to the bike run.
Hopw you all enjoy "Knit in Public Day" (or weekend or month......)

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Wee Minty said...

Knitting in a pool - like to see some pics of that one if you got some!