Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Schools out for Summer!

Its officially summer, and school came out early today! 6 weeks of fun fun FUN! (I hope!)
Had a lovely afternoon at Tramway Knits on Sunday, it was a full house, with lots of lovely knitting, reading and chatting going on. Gloria had brought a book about knitted underwear - it was very, ehm , unusual. I wouldn't personally knit bra and knickers using kid mohair, or an all-in-one from angora, but I can see how it may!
Nan had brought a book about Victorian Lace (a more appropriate use of kid mohair), and some of the designs were absolutely stunning. I must resist. I. MUST.RESIST. Lots of beautiful items were being knitted, India had some of her (very soft and lovely) blueface handspun and was knitting it into a sweater. Sarah had her gorgeous "Socks that Rock" in a bright pink colourway, and Gloria was knitting a mohair sweater in Jade . And my memory fails me now, so I can't remember what everyone else was knitting , which is bad because I distinctly remember ASKING people - my brain has officially turned to mush .
What I do remember is Julia's recommendation of several "ethical" shops in Glasgow, one that sells People Tree clothing. I've written the names down in my notebook, trouble is I can't find it! Aagghh!
Nice surprise in New Look today - found several stands with Organic Cotton Clothing, and although the prices were inexpensive, they weren't so cheap as to indicate sweatshop labour! Jeans were £30, T-shirts £10, dresses £20 .
Thank You for the lovely comments you have left, Its always a nice surprise to go into my blog and find them. No photo's today - I'm so disorganised, I'm supposed to be preparing for our holiday to Majorca - oh well tomorrows nother day!


Kathleen said...

Good news re New Look, must check that out.

tash said...

You know, I'm having a dilemma with clothing... Most of the 'truly' organic stuff that they sell online doesn't do bigger than a size 14, and the stuff in New Look (which I commented about on my blog - did you happen to see the gorgeous yellow tree t-shirt?!) isn't, that I could see, accredited to any organic body (was I missing anything?!). New Look stuff almost certainly comes from a sweat-shop, although likely not as bad as a mainstream one.

I'm in a quandry - who said being green was easy?!

Wee Minty said...

Happy hols!