Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Crabby Days !

Now this blog was really meant to be about my knitting, and a little on family life, but something I read in the newspaper this morning really fired me up. Yes , I am feeling a little crabbit this weather, but as my friends know, nothing fires me up quite as much as sexism. And nothing quite fires me up as much as sexism, as sexism with violence! So today when I read an article on Women broadcasters in Gaza, I was outraged.
A text send to one broadcaster read " You are without shame and morals, we will cut your throat vein to vein if needed to protect the spirit and morals of this nation" Can anyone spot the contradiction ? Apparently, if these women do not wear the hijab they will be beheaded , no doubt by these "spiritual and moral" men!
One lady said she refused to wear the hijab, and would not bow to pressure, even with the threat of death - what courage and presence of mind. Unlike this cowardly group of pathetic creatures who "have no shame or morals"!
Knitting chat resumes tomorrow .

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heather said...

Hear ! Hear ! I have a very similar reaction to this kind of thing and a bit of crabbitness does us all good from time to time.