Friday, 15 June 2007

A Blustery Day!

Its been a bit grey and windy these past few days, great for drying the washing (apart from the day it lashed down for hours!), but quite depressing after the beautiful weather last week. On days like these its time to get out the baking bowl and wooden spoon , and do a little baking . First were the pancakes, excuse the bad picture, the camera was feeling a glum!
The dozen or so pancakes made lasted, oh, about an hour! My youngest disappeared into the kitchen, then when he re-appeared in the living room, he had pancakes for everyone! Next came the muffins - raspberry and white choc chip, they disappeared instantaneously , hence no pictures.
Just now there is Pizza Dough proving in the kitchen, and the tomato sauce is cooling.... mmmm lovely smell. The flour came from a small organic mill in Cumbria . They grind the flour the old fashioned way, and some of its flour still have the husks as well as he whole grain! I bought some plain and self-raising and loved it .I bought it from the Village Bakery in Melmerby, famous for its Bread making courses and delicious bakery goods. The restaurant there is marvelous, we visit every year when we go on holiday to Center Parcs .
Am steaming ahead on the 4-ply - almost at the arm shaping for the back (believe me when I say I do NOT DO 4-ply, so I must really love this yarn - it is a Rowan one after all! No pictures yet - the camera is charging up (probably feels a bit like myself just now, low on batteries!)
And for the Banana yarn , well I think a shrug to go with my new dress, but hey, there is still plenty in K1yarns, and I DO have to visit again next week - Katharine has ordered the Annie Modesitt Ruffled Roses Scarf pattern - its only given to Yarn stores and you must pick it up in person, but it is free (and lovely!)
Thanks for all the recent comments - I have to agree with Tash, that I've enjoyed watching Springwatch a little more than last year, perhaps its because I watched more with my wee ones, especially on the Cbeebies. And I had a giggle at the Ladybirds mating - ladybirds and Bumble Bees are big in our household just now, had to explain about them "hugging!" I like that Nan thought I was talking about a family in Glasgow (and not as I wrote, a family of foxes). I think perhaps "Chewing the Fat" might do a sketch of that one! We had foxes near us when we lived in Glasgow, just now its more likely to be deer eating out our garden. Mind you the nest in our roof is now empty of its wee baby birds, they've all grown up and flown away (or eaten by the Magpies, c'est la vie!")
Right off to get my pizza from the oven - love to eat, and when the weathers' bad, love to eat more.
Edited later: Pizza was great - rain came lashing down on my washing!

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heather said...

mmmmmmmmmmm ..... really must have breakfast before browsing the blogs ... those pancakes look yummy :0)