Sunday, 17 June 2007

Normal Service is almost resumed.....

the sun decided to show its cheery face today, and boy what a change that makes. Last night I was wrapped up in woolly clothing, today I'm in my new People Tree Sun dress, made from organic cotton (bad photo, please excuse!)
Too impatient to wait for hubby, and anyway the flash hides my bad hair! Had a great time the other night perusing different yarn web sites , and have found some great ones - more of that later.
Just to prove that I am actually knitting in 4-ply cotton, here is the result so far...
I love this yarn, I'm not far off the arm shaping now, and thats after having to rip some of it out (OUCH!), I may not have it ready for my holiday in two weeks time, but I'd like to think that perhaps I'd get to wear it this summer!
My comfort knitting last night was the cushion cover in a lovely boucle merino yarn called shipwreck'd. Its almost done, and is knit in garter stitch, due to its "bumpy" nature. It is very soft and cuddly which makes it perfect for a cushion cover or throw.
Talking of comfort, my DH got a long lie in bed today for Fathers Day (but no breakfast in bed, instead he got dragged out of his bed for that by two small boys!) - and is now enjoying his Fathers Day gift down at the Golf course. Our eldest child did ask when was Childrens' Day - we said that was every day!
At present I am winding up the banana yarn and the lycra into balls - I think I have found a patter for a shrug that suits, but its when to fit it in - I've also signed up for a knitalong (Pinwheel sweater, elann .com - its all Elaines'/Lynettes' fault, really!) Ah, so much yarn so little time !
And now for the gree bit - I'm really excited about this site, its Deytheur , and it sells camel yarn, amongst other things, take a peek, its basically fair-traded yarn and accessories from different parts of the globe.
Closer to home, and just as exciting is the British Breeds Yarn site here, the even have a yarn spun from Beatrix Potters Herdwick sheep (mixed in with a little something softer). The prices are reasonable too.
Then there is the Shetland Wool from Jamiesons (I think there are two companies bearing similar names, bit confusing), their wool is fabulous for felting (my friend has a gorgeous felted bag she knitted from this yarn).
And last but not least, there is Garthenor Organic Wool from Wales, using rare breeds.Most of it is undyed, and can order fleeces, roving, unwashed/washed, carded etc. It looks like beautiful yarn.
And to prove there was a blue sky today, here is the evening sky!
Edited later : Thanks Tash - updated web links , so they should work now. thanks for the Web Site, I shall have a good look (see comments!). And yes, Sarah - that is my view!


tash said...

What a beautiful sky - it just seems to be grey here, although it was bright sunshine yesterday... When I was working, hrmph.

Thanks for the links, a couple didn't work for some reason but the Deytheur shop looked really interesting. I've been having a look at :

recently and have fallen in love with their selection of dyes, wools and dye seeds. Funnily enough you're the second person today I've given that link to - I haven't bought from them but I will be very soon!

Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of the evening sky. Don't tell me that's your view - I'm jealous!

I love the sundress as well - People Tree are great.

Kathleen said...

You look so chic and holiday-ish (new word) in your sun dress and cardie. x K

Wee Minty said...

If that is the outfit you had on on Sunday there - it is gorgeous! (Oh .. and you were gorgeous in it too.)