Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Rain and Mist

It rained today - a lot! It stopped briefly at one point, and the clouds lifted from the river to show a bit of the hills behind. Then it started all over again. Still rain is meant to be good for the complexion.
The boys wore their " welly" boots today , to keep their feet dry when splashing in all the huge puddles , unfortunately the small one still managed to get his clothes wet! Two of the Mums at the school gate asked the wee one about the picture on his "top" boots. I hadn't heard that expression in a long time, and I wondered where the expression top boots came from (probably the same origin as welly boots ).
And then the Welly Boot song came back to me - or part of it anyway. I don't think Billy Connolly sings this at his gigs anymore, he didn't at the last one I was at, well here goes:0)
If it wisnae fur yer wellies, where wid ye be, You'd be in the Hospital or Infirmaree, You wid huv a dose of the 'flu or even pleurisee, If it wisnae fur yer wellies ! (Translation provided on request!)
As a girly girl, even in dresses, I would wear my "welly" boots when out playing, but I had to wear knee high socks so I didn't get "ring" marks on my legs!
Talking of socks, have started second one but it is going slowly. My sister has finished her first one and is beating me on the second one, so I need to catch up. I seem to have knit a slightly shorter cuff in the first one, but I'm not as fast a knitter as my sister , so I will be knitting furiously tonight in an attempt to beat her. Thankfully my new bag is large enough to carry sock knitting around, as well as other essentials, so any spare minute I get when out and about, I can try and catch up. .
And if this rain keeps up, who knows, I could be wearing my new socks with my "wellies" (I've progressed to Barbour ones now!)

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