Friday, 23 February 2007

All I wanna do is have some fun - I get a feeling I'm not the only one

No photo's today - will post some tomorrow. Had a great night last night at Gourock Stitch and Bitch! Margaret joined us all the way from West Kilbride, and brought a beautiful shawl knitted in 2 ply yarn. Jill , the local Minister , was in Cafe Flava and came over to admire all our knitting, but she has still to be persuaded to join us. Moira was still knitting this gorgeous, and very large baby shawl, still only 25cm to go!! Karen had decided to start a new project as her present one was giving her headaches, then she realised that the new one was a bit more complex, so she went back to the original project. Gale and I were on our Mohair sweaters, Gale's is a lovely red colour done in 4mm needles, mine is a variagated pink through to white on 3mm needles (sigh, takes forever). Val and Marion were on sleeves for their sweaters, and appeared to be doing just fine. Gordon ,the manager of the Cafe, is in a band who will be appearing on TV on May 2oth - he embarrassedly admitted it would be "Songs of Praise" ! BBC - good stuff! We were all chatting more than knitting, admiring the new Vogue knitting (Margaret knitting shrug on front cover - the woman is almost Jean Miles!), and the new Rowan Coast book Val had bought. The conversation was fun and funny, and I even repeated a story from Franklins blog, which had us laughing . It was good for the soul.
Today I went to K1yarns and treated myself to Vogue Knitting and some gorgeous blue-faced leicester/silk yarn - can't wait to try it out.
Was reading an article on Sheryl Crow yesterday , and discovered she has had cancer which appears to be in remission. She is 44 years old, the same age a good friend of mine would have been, unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer 5 years ago, last month. She had kept quiet about her illness, and although I knew something had been wrong I didn't push it. After she died we discovered the reason she wouldn't tell people was, she didn't want anyone pitying her. I still laugh when I remember some of her work stories (flying live prawns in Japan) , and I still remember her cooking tips when trying things out, she was someone who believed in being positive and living life to the full . She hated people moaning , and would firmly but politely stick a proverbial toe up folks bottom is she thought they were being too negative! She was great fun, and I still miss her. Gone but never forgotten.

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