Saturday, 17 February 2007

Worst place for Children!

Apparently Britain is the worst place in the developed world to live in if you are a child (ain't that hot for adults, either!). There have been several well publicised deaths of children/teenagers in the papers recently, one being a young lad shot in his own home. Oliver James, columnist and psychologist is touting his theory of "affluenza" - we are all so obsessed with material possessions to the detriment of our mental and spiritual wellbeing.
I write this after having a conversation with Junior about playing with Playstation versus going outside to play. He is in a dilema about which he should do, as "it is a nice day after all!" Perhaps my rantings are getting through after all!
My sister and I share the same birthday, so I have been a hive of activity this week,finishing my knitting (the Ribbon Twist Cardi is live!) and starting the "Birthday knitting". Thankfully its a quick knit and I have only one more side to do - but lots of pressing to ssstttrreeettcchh it into shape.
Is this working - why do I look so bad in the photo ? Boy , do I need to get to a hairdresser FAST Like the detail - made cuffs slightly shorter, don't want them dipping into my soup! And finally the birthday knitting - its a waistcoat (for want of a better word!) knitted in 4 strands of Artesano Alpaca. It feels divine, but I think this is going to be a shorty , close fitted number, so not sure how it will go down with sister. Still she can wear it over a fine sweater.
As for the sock - work has slowed down a little:(
Still, it was a good Valentines Day - look what I got! Although some little (beggars) cherished angels got a hold of the chocolate. Mmmm, Kschocolat organic orange and cardamon dark chocolate , can't get much better. Heres what HWWM&S got - a knitted Heart Card from some remnants of my Mobair mohair! Oh, and he got some DIVINE chocolate too (the Fairtrade chocolate that is..)
And finally.... our friends had their (second) baby girl on Friday, Josephine Margaret MacLean, weighing in at 7 pounds 3 ounces. Well, she may have been born into the worst country for children - but at least she has an auntie who will knit for her!

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heather said...

The cardigan's lovely Mhairi - and the hair's not that bad ! It's really hard to take a good picture of yourself in front of a mirror. I've never managed it yet ! :0)