Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Its Mid-Term! A long lie perhaps?

Tomorrow, there is no school! I do not have to yell, cajole, persuade, negotiate or turn into the Gruffalo to get my kids out to school/toddlers on time. In fact Gran and Grandad came today and spirited my eldest away after dinner time (I don't think they trust I am a good mother). Junior Jnr stays with me as he is too much of the little firebrand for them!
I got to read some papers today - mainly the Times, Guardian and Herald. Its funny reading on the same subjects in different papers, and their different "views" on the same thing. The main article was about the British soldier killed in" friendly fire" - the Guardian was scathing, the Times tried to be understanding, and the Herald steered a path between the two (as usual) . The worst part including the deaths of 4 people was the blatant cover up by those "in charge". And as I read other stories, not related to the above, it emerges that covering things up is a bit of a pastime with those in power.
Qui custodie custodias (my Latin is appalling, Mr Habit would know better).
On the knitting front - I'm just at the shaping of the first sleeve for the Ribbon Twist cardi, and can't wait to start the second one. It really does knit up very quickly, but I keep getting distracted and so it is taking a longer to make than I had anticipated. Got some lovely Adriafil yarn today to make a small baby seat cover, for a little one due next week. (Yet another distraction) Am returning to a sock I started some time ago, its quite frosty and my tootsies are suffering. The only thing is , how quickly can I finish it (them)? (And another distraction)One of my fellow Sn B'rs knitting her first sock - this will be me soon, knitting on cocktail sticks! Plus I promised Junior a red scarf to keep him cosy, plus a hat! At least I'm not in Canada , where according to Yarn Harlot it is -30. Now -20 I could maybe cope with, but -30 or 40, I'd be hibernating along with the Bears (quite literally).

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