Wednesday, 21 February 2007

In a Jam!

There is a "jam" theme to the post today. The car door lock is jammed at unlock!, cannot turn it at all, so being security conscious, set off to the garage to get it sorted. Their systems were jammed, so they couldn't get the part delivered to them until the systems were fixed. Aaargghhh! Still had made some of these yesterday, which when toasted go very nicely with.....jam! They are of the mini variety, as I've had several disasters before with their bigger cousins. Also made pancakes yesterday - being Shrove Tuesday 'n all, but they don't ever see a plate never mind a camera. Two small boys and a mummy made short work of them plus several mini-scones. And talking of Jam - a young Edinburgh chap, studying for a business degree, has just won an order to supply Waitrose (English supermarket - v.nice) with his healthy Jam. He is having to move production out of his parents kitchen to a facility in Herefordshire in England. The jam uses grape juice and smaller amounts of sugar, which apparently makes it healthier.
These lovely items came in the post today courtesy of Tigerlilith, thank you they are lovely. The sock yarn looks like a work of art even before it is knitted , and there is a wee pattern in the yarn band (unfortunately in German, but my aunt knows German so a wee phone call perhaps). And the Flake is the DARK chocolate flake - fabulous. I am so glad I decided to delurk and give Liliths' quiz a go - happy 100th post.
Now its my sisters' birthday soon so I bought this :0)
...and knitted this, the Artesano waistcoat/vest thingy , which is gorgeous to knit but awful to sew up (4 strands for mattress stitch) as the ends keep showing up. I've done it again, knitted up something for someone else that I'd love to keep myself! I'll have another scone to cheer myself up - Jam anyone ??


Anonymous said...

Love the scones!
Can you send me your email?

heather said...

Love the colour of the waistcoat - lucky sister. But you've got me foxed. WHAT on earth is the little dolly thing you've bought her ??


Wee Minty said...

Oh it's finished (that was quick) - and it's lovely!

Scones are the biz but don't do jam.

Thanks for comment. No probs.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi- thanks for that comment - haven't published it, for obvious reasons, but I didi appreciate it.