Sunday, 4 February 2007

Rowan 41 has arrived!

It thudded on the doormat yesterday morning , so I had a good look while eating my breakfast. I have chosen at least two "must knits" , one is in the new yarn called damask . There is a beautiful kidsilk haze shawl, and cardi - so much knitting so little time! The little mittens at the corner are the ones I've been knitting for our God-daughter, one was knit when I was on Radio Scotland!
The Ribbon Twist cardi is coming along, have finished cuff on first sleeve this afternoon while at the Glasgow SnB - v. bad photo to follow! Finished the Body while watching (part of) the Calcutta cup rugby match on T.V (Part of the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament, England v Scotland match). England won at home in Twickenham. I only saw 25 mins of the game, as howls of protest at missing Power Rangers were made.
Oh, another cracker of a Front Page from the Greenock Telegraph - 11 year old boy sets himself alight while copying Jackass film! The boy in question covered himself in spray deodorant then set himself alight , giving him severe burns to the upper body (?). This one made a column in the Daily Record AND the Times on Saturday. None sae queer as folk!

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Kathleen said...

I like the look of the Damask yarn too. There's a wrap cardie called Tulip I really fancy in it.
Those mittens look nice- what do you mean you made them when on Radio Scotland? Have I been unknowingly rubbing shoulders with a celeb? x K