Friday, 2 February 2007

A Town called Malice

Living in the Inverclyde area if you want to keep up with local goings-on, it is vital to get the Greenock Telegraph... every Sunday! This is the local equivalent of the London Evening Standard, the Glasgow Evening Times, etc. etc. The other day the Front Page Headline featured an elderly lady who claimed a Taxi driver had been nasty to her! Front Page! Apparently the callous taxi driver told her old people were a waste of resources (?) and should be "put down". Nice. Granted this must have been upsetting for the 80 year old lady in question , and if she had her (old British) size 8's and waved them in a threatening manner, he might not have been so forthcoming with the insults. But Front page news ? I think not. Mind you , it was an excellent way to get back at the Taxi driver.
Last night was Flava knitting night - lots of knitting, drinking,talking,frogging,sorting and persuading Lewis that, No, a Pirate themed wedding was not a good idea! Not if he still wanted to get married to Kimberly, his fiancee. I think a pirate themed party for their friends after the event was mooted as a maybe . Here are the photos (yes I know, I really need a photography masterclass, and new spectacles!) Karens' beautiful cashsoft dK, and beautiful bracelet too. Little mittens for little kittens - can you spot the cherry stitch marker ? Bought from my good friend Elaine of SoCherryknit. Lewis doing a bit of frogging, while trying to persuade Kimberly to have a Pirate themed wedding - ahar me hearties! Its done, its done , its done - Kimberlys' Rowan Spray Cardigan, it will probably be worn to constantly until summer now!
And the good news is - Rowan 41 is in the POST! YIPPEE! Heard from my pal Kathleen yesterday on the website - thanks for your comment.
Susie, from Coastal SC (is that South Carolina, Southern California? , my american geography is appalling) thank you for your comment. Wherever it is, it sounds wonderful - love your other blog too.
Did you see the Rovaniemi Finnish mittens (I know I've got this wrong) over at YarnHarlot - go look at this, it is FABULOUS


Poshyarns said...

Hmm, that newspaper sounds rather like the North Wales weekly news which regularly carries similar sensational stories.

Thanks for your comments on my latest knitting. I'm sure Tony Hadley would be delighted to know he was on a par with Kidsilk Haze, tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Hey I never new there was a knitting group in Gourock. Is it open to anyone of just an advanced stage. Ive only just learned and would love to continue learning to knit.