Saturday, 24 February 2007

Its a Lazy Saturday - Comfort Knitting

Its one of those rainy, hazy, lazy, read the papers, drink tea and lounge about Saturdays. I am reading the John Lewis catalogue and dreaming of how to re-model the interior of my home - except it would never look that perfect, there would be sticky finger marks, Thomas the Tank engine train sets and Dr Who Tardis and characters sprawled everywhere. HWWM&S brought me a pre-birthday present back from Manchester yesterday - Tony Henrys' Modern Arias. I really like it, and its a pleasant surprise because HWWM&S isn't really a Classical/Opera music fan.I shall listen to it as I do some comfort knitting.....talking is another early birthday gift (which I chose....sshhh).
Its the Fyberspates I was talking about yesterday, along with the pattern from Vogue Knitting that I will use the yarn for, but, before I start I'm going to order some more Addi Turbo's, they make knitting with chunky yarn so much easier. This pattern is done in the one piece from the top down, with an abstract lace pattern, basically you do the lace pattern when you get to a thin piece of yarn.
But before I start, I will start the second sock !
I want to keep going before the I get second sock syndrome AND I can't wait to start some socks with the beautiful yarn Lilith sent me too. So much knitting so little time!
Heather, Thank You for the the comments, the little Momiji doll is a little wooden , painted Japanese figurine. There is a little slot in the bottom for putting in a secret note. Each little doll has a name and some character traits listed on a little collectors card. I got mine locally, but I think John Lewis/Frasers do them too.

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Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday my dear!
Had a very constructive get together at the Tramway today. Details in due course, but for now, have a lovely birthday. xxx K