Sunday, 11 February 2007

One arm down, one arm to go!

I have three "ongoing " projects just now , I feel a bit like a politician juggling the many contradictory demands of government (or opposition). I do hate how the press waste time wittering on about what Politicians did at school (drugs , sex, rock'n'roll, as if they really were THAT interesting at school). I wonder if Conservative Party Leader David Cameron will use the same comment Bill Clinton did - yes I did smoke Pot but I didn't inhale.....mmmm, economies of the truth ? Or to use the "House of Cards" catchphrase so beautifully put by actor Ian Richardson - "You may think so, but I couldn't possibly comment!" . See, its almost there, and if I didn't keep getting distracted by other things I'd be finished by now! Talking of other things, look how I turned a heel, and I'm now knitting up the "gusset".
And do you see that little end of a needle in the left hand corner ? Yep ? It is literally an end. Look what happened!
I have seen broken needles on some other sites - its not a pretty sight - so I should have known that sock knitting was not without its dangers! I shall just have to contact the company and try and get some more.
And the third item ? Well I haven't taken a picture just yet, its for a wee baby who will be delivered on Friday by C-section, so I will wait until Friday before posting that picture. Now to get back to some serious knitting, and not get distracted by socks... well maybe one more round.


Heather said...

Good work on that heel ! Another knitting friend of mine says that her husband is going to have "Just one more row" carved on her headstone when she finally bites the dust .... :0)

wee minty said...

I did that with a rosewood needle. Mind you, It was sticking out of an ASDA bag. Knitting bags? What are they?

Love the blog!