Saturday, 3 March 2007

Absolutely Flavaknits - needles on fire!

The last few days have been bright and cold with a few little rainy patches - the sky is in the heavens and not on top of the river. Perfect knitting weather, so I'm carrying my socks about trying to add a few rows here and there.
Thursday night is Flavaknits night , and although we were down in numbers, there was plenty of knitting being done. Karen, the group organiser was taking votes on whether we should enter our group for "group of the month" , with one of the knitting magazines. I was out with the camera, quick as a Flash (sorry, couldn't resist that one!) Margaret, on the left is knitting with a vintage astrakhan yarn, can't remember the pattern (vintage). Gale is knitting her beautiful red mohair sweater, and had finished her Jaeger natural fleece sweater. Marion is knitting with a lovely tweedy yarn (ebay find) from the utter Hebrides, and Moira is knitting the largest baby shawl ever (I'm sure its for triplets). Marion and Moira - fastest needles in the West of Scotland! Note the Jaeger natural fleece sweater over the chair - its a Jaeger pattern too. Karen is knitting a pattern from the latest Rowan magazine called Bonita, sleeveless top with a shell pendant at the back. The yarn she is using is a denim yarn.
And I stuck to the sock knitting, and hot chocolate drinking, and book/magazine reading.......
I've also got another project in mind, but this time its not knitting, its' sewing (not my strong point), and I think the fabric is just beautiful - I'll post more about that later.
Now, one last picture of my gorgeous laines du nord sweater - its knit on cocktail sticks similar to the socks, but it feels sooooo good. I need to get a move on with the sleeves, ah well its Tramway Knitting group tomorrow.

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Krawuggl said...

I always thought how nice it would be to knit with companions, but sadly there is no other knitter around my home. So I really envy you for your knitting friends, for that special kind of comfort knitting. Your sweater looks very lovely so far and what a clever idea to sew the pieces up on the go (a thing I still have to learn and master, for me it would be a kind of heaven if I could knit and knit and knit and anybody else is sewing up everything).
Let me here please also thank you for your friendly comment, I am so glad that I am not alone with my raisins-opinion. And what a great idea to learn German, if you need any help one day, I am here.
Have a great week with lots of happiness and sunshine,