Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Where is the Rainbow ?

Thankfully the new Rowan Autumn/Winter Magazine is in with plenty of colour , a veritable Rainbow - almost like the one after Noah's Flood .
Talking of Noah's flood..... weather here has been disgraceful of late , so bad I am sure I am growing webbed feet. It is a deluge , or monsoon without the tropical heat .
Still plenty to catch my eye and keep me cheery in this magazine - my favourite is the Martin Storey Coat witht he huge roses on the collar and hem and the Kaffe Fasset sweater and Scarf that is shown on the front of the magazine . And I really love the wee cable hat in cocoon chunky yarn . I feel the need to knit this up asap!
However , I really need to keep my feet warm (and avoid the webbing!) , so I am glad I finally finished my two at a time Socks - Opal Harry Potter Yarn , colourway Tonks!
Here is my feet trying to catch some daylight! I took the center of the ball for the second sock , so I was literally knitting from the same ball for both socks at the same time on my circular needle . And , as I can be rather odd at times , I like my self striping socks to be slightly different , or in this case - completely!
Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday , and thankfully the sun came out eventually (for a short time!) . The lovely Yvette and her DH are over in Scotland for a holiday and came up to Once a Sheep in Gourock for the afternoon , and look what she brought ..... a gorgeous project bag in the sunniest , summery pink ! Very talented is Yvette. I blushed when her DH asked if I already had ONE ..... as I probably have several (like all good knitters should!) . It is already in use , I finally started my July Toe-Up sock KAL in my Hulk yarn , and yes , I am doing the Brainless sock pattern by Yarnissima .
We had a lovely lunch (I was treated!) at Cafe continental - their Fish and Chips are gorgeous , and apparently so is the Steak Sandwich! Yvette should be her fabulous Wendy Johnson Sock book , knitting from the toe-up , and I really think this might be one for the wish list .Yvette should me her gorgeous socks with fairisle pattern done toe-up and a "proper" heel, in a lovely purple shade , in Yarnyard clan yarn (ooh, try saying that quickly twentytimes , lol) . The books showed lots of ideas for different heel patterns for toe-up socks , apart from the usual short-row . so pretty and unusual .
Later that afternoon I was traipsing through the local charity shop for a "Tweed Jacket just like Dr Who " for DS1 when I came across some of this yarn . Greenock Brand Aran in Natural . Nearby Greenock used to have huge "Merino Mills" , but by the time this yarn was spun there weren't many mills left!
The lovely Moira in our knitting group collects Greenock patterns and yarn , anything to do with the old Greenock Brand , so she will be the lucky recipient!She is as they say , knitted in Greenock herself (just like me) .
Finally , my good friend gave birth to her wee girl Poppy last Monday , so I had to get my skates on and finish these - a wee cardi and Mary-Jane bootees done in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino silver and red - with wee ladybird buttons .
She was a good healthy 8 and a half pounds , so hopefully these will fit her well .
Now my next project - a knitted sun and suntan suit!


Kathleen said...

That's a lovely wee baby set you've made, Poppy will be the best dressed baby on the block. I tried the local shop in Castle Douglas for the new Rowan yesterday- it won't be in till NEXT Thursday. Ah well, country-life, you can't have it all ways! x K

Ghislaine said...

So very cute!