Friday, 7 May 2010


After yesterdays General Election , here's hoping the politicians have the wisdom to get on with the job they have been elected to do and not argue and fight!
(Picture taken is Mural in Garden inside the Victoria and Albert museum - script reads , Wisdom exalteth her children and layeth hold of them that seek her , figures representing age , to her left , and youth is to her right!
I am charging on with my Ishbel shawl, I don't want to finish it as it is such wonderful yarn to knit with , and I just love the colour!
After yesterday , I have knit another pattern repeat, so it is bigger again .
Right , off to google "Care of Rabbits" , as tomorrow we have a new member to the family , an early birthday gift for DS2!

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Irene said...

Wisdom in a politician can be a rare commodity.

Love the Ishbel and feel partly responsible for the arrival of bunny as I was involved in the original conversation. Wish you luck!!