Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Craft Fair draws near!

As I sit and write this the side of my face is literally "louping" - in severe pain .
This is not a good time for me to be ill , Craft Fair is Saturday and I am now panicking I do not have enough/will not sell anything!
The dentist has put me on anti-b's for a week , to see if its just and infection and not anything more serious , I wish painkillers had been part of that prescription (am such a wimp I know!)
There is a local Craft Fair in Gourock on Saturday 13th November in the Gamble Halls on Shore Street , and the quality of the goods for sale is looking good . We have a knitting stall selling knitting kits , knitting project bags (me) and knitted goods (hats scarfs etc.) I will try not to spend more than I earn , hopefully! Come along if you can , it will be good fun , and its not far from the Train Station.
Am almost finished my chunky sweater which is knitted in Rowan Country Yarn , and the pattern is called Pagan - by Kim Hargreaves in her Amber book.
I am also desperate to cast on my Valentina Coat from Rowan Magazine 48 (scroll right and click on the picture, its much clearer here!) , an early Christmas gift from DH , but I want to be able to focus on it properly so it will have to wait - I just keep petting the yarn every now and then!
Better get back to making my bags - maybe get a cuppa first and see if this pain calms a bit!


Paula said...

Hope you feel better in time.

Irene said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I can offer tea and sympathy anytime. x