Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Scones ...... gone!

Have been feeling gradually better these last few days , so much so I decided to try and bake scones AND cook a pork joint in my new slow cooker (courtesy of my mother , after a very BAD roast beef incident at our house!)
As usual I only made enough mix for about 8 small scones , but I wanted to make sure I didn't waste too much stuff if they turned out bad. !?!
Since I was keeping an eye on my friends wee boy , I had three hungry tums to fill , but I managed to make 9 scones , so it was 2 a piece and one leftover....... it went missing so my pal had to do with some bought cookies instead!
And the pork - not too dry , and kept "shredding" when I tried to cut it. Still tasted good.
Maybe try pancakes tomorrow!

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