Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Happy St Andrews Day!

Due to the lack of frivolity and celebrations , it would appear that St Andrew was a very dour Presbyterian Saint! And having a Saints Day JUST before the first day of Advent means there is so much else going on (and I still managed to forget the Advent Calendars!)
However , the children did make St Andrews Day cards at school , and the local bakers had iced cakes with mini-Saltires on them!
The other week , I was having a wee rummage in the local Charity shop and got myself a few bargains .
One , was Christmas Cards with Tartan Reindeer on them.
Two was a lovely silk red dress .
And three , was the above knitting kit - it is a lambswool angora mix yarn , simply divine .
I didn't know the Isle of Bute ( a short ferry ride from here) had an Angora Farm , nor had I heard of the designer Carol Bentzen . The pattern is for handknitting OR machine knitting , and there are the machine knit cards too .
The design is very 1980's , cream batwing sweater with coloured asymmetric pattern on it , and included the teazle brush to fluff it up as well as pads for the shoulders. Very Dynasty!
I don't think I will knit up this pattern and may use the yarn for something else .
Just now I will admire it , give it a wee stroke when no one is looking.
And, since St Andrew was a fisherman , tonight we are having a very traditional meal - Cottage Pie ! (Well I reckon he needed a break from all that fish!)
Happy St Andrews Day to you all !


Irene McCormack said...

We went for haggis, neeps and tatties. Are we allowed to say "happy" St Andrew's day if he is a door Presbyterian!!

Anonymous said...

Carol Bentzen designed and made my wedding dress. It was beautiful and I now wear it regularly when I sing at weddings as it is lilac rather than white. I'd like to send her some pictures. Does anyone know where she is? Shelagh

carol bentzen said...

Hi Mad Knitter

I'm Carol Bentzen and this is really weird!....good reason design was very 80s - think it was from 1987-8.We (myself and Patricia from the farm) were featured in Best magazine and The Sunday Post and I actually met my now husband when he interviewed us for the Greenock Telegraph!....thought you might like this useless info.

Happy knitting!