Sunday, 14 November 2010

At the setting of the Sun...

Today is Remembrance Sunday , so there was the familiar parade to the local cenotaph and the laying of the wreaths . Fine words were spoken and there was an air of respect as the winter sun shone bright and low.
Children chattered through the silence , some people drank take-out coffee to keep warm , and traffic was stopped for a time .
People remembered .
At Sunday school , the children made Poppy pictures then had some juice and a biscuit . Two wee ones didn't like the biscuits on offer so off I went to get a substitute , when I returned to give them their biscuits, one wee boy turned to me and , covered in crumbs, announced "I never had a biscuit , can I get one ?" . Trying hard not to laugh I brushed the crumbs from his sweater and said " Sweetie , if you are going to fib , hide the evidence first! Nice try , but NO."
Had our Craft Fair in Gourock yesterday , was a lovely day , but unfortunately my anti-b's were making me feel bad! And I only made one sale! I guess Knitting bags are not really seasonal gifts , not in Gourock anyway .
Our Kimmie was the star of the show through selling gorgeous hats ,scarves and mitts . Have to give credit to her DH for his help with knitting and sewing tags - another star.
So guess what I 'll be giving as Christmas gifts ! I'm sure my Dad will be delighted to take up sock knitting, if I give him this bag! Hehehe!
Ah , maybe I'll give it to my sister instead - then she can get her book back!
Right , off to continue on my green sweater , coming on a treat!

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Alli C said...

Can't believe you only sold one bag Mhairi! It's gorgeous! Your sister's getting a great Christmas pressie x