Friday, 5 November 2010

Its the 5th! Yikes!

My ability to post every day in November has faltered at the starting post - mainly due to DS1 being ill and me being unable to get my finger out !
I am also panicking ever so slightly about getting all my bags done in time for the craft fair , and am still designing some new ones too. I say designing , what I really mean is playing about with material etc. trying to get something I like!
And the camera went missing - found under the car seat ?? eventually .
Here are some of the kiddies beanies I knit for the Blythswood Trust , modeled by the ever talented DS2 .
"Who says boys can't wear pink ? I DID!"
DS1 pointing out hat on DS2's head - Its here !
And here we are trying the "hulk" look - don't make me angry......I look good angry anyway!!
In between making my bags, knitting beanies and generally trying to avoid Housework (except cooking , still love to cook) , I have been knitting a few wee socks for a friend! To hang in her studio! The yarn is remnants of her hand-dyed sock and sportweight yarn , Ysolda colourway (discontinued) , Gothic and Sour (I think discontinued?) .
They will be winging there way to the Old Maiden Aunt Studio very soon .
Right - back to those bags!

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Tash said...

It's nice to see you posting again :) I think NaBloPoMo is a great idea, but not always the easiest thing to achieve, especially when you have as much going on as you do! I love the socks and the hats - and the funny faces pulled by your sons. I hope you're having a warm and cosy week (it has suddenly become very cold here, on with the blankets and extra radiators).