Wednesday, 10 November 2010

TBJ Finished at last

Very bad Macbook photo of my Pagan sweater , christened TBJ after a good pal told me to" just finish That B****Y Jumper ! " as I was taking so long to knit it . Note the cheeky wee face trying to peek in.
So I have! Finished it!
Still think its a bit tight , but comfy and have been wearing it all day.
Tooth a wee bit better , but still feel lousy. Early night for kids and probably me too.
Oh yes , have started another aran- weight-knit-in-the-round plain sweater from New England Knits (the one on the front!) - using Rowan Pure Wool Aran in a green shade called Sage . Loving it!


Irene said...

Being ill is good for productivity, I see!! You look cosy and DD2 looks mischievous.

Once A Sheep said...

Not too tight at all, just fitted (beautifully!)

Looks lovely and very cosy!

Sarah Hartstone said...

Love this, where can I get the Pattern ? :0)