Thursday, 8 March 2007

This is the BBC - literally!

I have surround sound BBC today - Junior Jnr is watching Cbeebies, Nina and the Neurons, and I am listening to Radio Scotland, Fred Macaulay and Co. Katharine from K1Yarns is knitting on Radio today and tomorrow - such are the occupational hazards of working near the BBC. John Beattie , who is hosting in Fred Macaulays' place , keeps stopping all the other guests to say - bet you've never done this with folk knitting in the front row before - as if they were visitors from Mars filing their nails!
I also read the news that John Inman, that well known British entertainer had died age 71 - he had Hepatitis A. I remember my Grandmother commenting that she thought he was such a good actor - he was wonderfully camp in the best possible taste - and he made the character Mr Humphries from "Are You Being Served "so memorable.
Mr Humphries are you free ? (High pitched singsong tone) Ayeeee'm frreee !
My aunt visited Katharines' shop yesterday, and gave in to temptation, its just that kind of yarn shop. Another yarn shop with equally tempting stock is Stitching Time in Hamilton - visit Heathers blog to see what wonderful yarn can be bought! Can't wait until Nan has her website up. Today is the first day of the Craft Fair at the SECC - I am itching to get there, and see what all the wonderful crafts (well yarns!) will be there. I shall try to be good........ perhaps. On the knitting front, am almost at the heel flap for the second sock, and my sister is at the same place so this race is going to be neck to neck (or heel to heel!) No photo's yet - will wait until finished heel, then I have promised myself I will cast on the Fyberspates yarn (hooray!) Oh well back to the Auntie! (BBC)

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Wee Minty said...

Website? Don't hold your breath! Well .... hold it until the extension is up and running. Oh, I think I said that the last time we extended and here we are again. Maybe it's just a case of deja vu?

See you tomorrow - you'll be the knackered one in the corner? (Saw your message on the board.)