Friday, 16 March 2007

This'll be the pea and Ham

Pea and Ham... from a chicken...NOW THATS clever! In the era of Womens Lib - this was the advert that Knorr used to sell its Ham flavoured stock cubes. It featured a Highland farmer talking to his friend about the soup his wife was making for him, and not realising that his wife was using stock cubes instead of home made stock for the soup! Okay so its not Pea and Ham soup, but it is my take on the Fishy Pie from Hugh Fearnley - W's Family Cookbook . Not a great fan of smoked fish, I use organic farmed cod and organic farmed salmon. Lots of mashed potato with proper butter, and the carrot, celery and onion used to flavour the bechamel sauce is included with the other ingredients. Its a winner, not the cheapest family meal, but good for a miserable winter evening. Gave my husband a wee fright the other evening - he came back from Golfing to find the dinner table set with the good Wedding China. A puzzled, almost worried look crossed his face and he asked " Whats the occasion this evening ?" . Oh, its just the "YOU DIDN"T SWITCH ON THE DISHWASHER SO WE HAVE NO CLEAN CROCKERY" occasion, thats all. "Oh that one, silly me, imagine not remembering that one!"
On the knitting front , I had the opportunity (or to quote the late,great Rikki Fulton, opperchancity) to join Katharine of K1yarns at Radio Scotlands Macaulay and Co on Thursday . A group of us knitted in the front row while various guests were interviewed, or did a turn. Recognised very few of them, or anyone that was being discussed (time to read some trashy celebrity mag?), but DID recognise Miss Hoolie from Balamory aka Julie Wilson, and couldn't fail to recognise Karen Dunbar (the woman is M.A.D and extremely funny). Made decent progress on my sleeve for the Laines du Nord sweater , and almost ran out of yarn mid-broadcast .
And to provide further evidence of my ADD (attention deficit disorder - oh well sheer impatience really!) I cast on the cropped raglan top from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/7. I'm using the Fyberspates, and it is fabulous. I think I would progress more quickly with a pair of Addi Turbo's, as the thick bits seem to get caught on my needles and slow me down. I've not commented on my time at the SECC Craft Fair last weekend - see Nans post at Nagged2k.
It was a great weekend, taught loads of kids at the Knit and Knatter stand including boys (hooray stereotypes are no more!) and bought some yarn - Rowan 4ply cotton and some gorgeous Aran from the New Lanark Mills stand. I really enjoy doing this, but it is quite tiring. Anyway more about that later and photo's to follow.
Now if you'd like to see a beautiful photo of two very good looking creatures have a peep here - one couldn't be angry for very long with these two !