Monday, 26 March 2007

A Host of golden Daffodils!

The mornings are hazy now instead of misty and the sun is starting to get through - although the temperature is quite brisk!
There is not so much of a Host of daffodils , rather a bunch! Apparently daffodils require feeding , and they have not been fed recently so it may be time to pull up some of the non-flowering bulbs.
Here are my little bunch in the garden - and here are some more in the pot.
I should really take photos of my neighbours garden and pass them off as my own - both neighbours are keen gardeners and their front gardens are immaculate. My garden if you can make out has moss inbetween paving stones and the weeds grow up to look very good - its sort of organic! Everything goes, or grows rather without much intervention from me.
I have a wee secret project that I will be starting soon - its a gift for a friend, but bits will appear now and again before the required gift date!
Still knitting the socks, but hope to wear them to the Tramway on Sunday. Perhaps it is time for a quick knitting project to keep me going! Or another pair of socks!


Kathleen said...

Daffodils are so cheery, aren't they, with their sunny trumpets?

heather said...

You have small children. That gives you total absolution from having to have a tidy garden - or a tidy house for that matter :0) !