Monday, 5 March 2007

California Dreamin'

Yesterday, my two little angels (devils?) awoke me at 7.15am - on a Sunday, groan.... Rain and wind were trying their best to out do each other! After breakfast, dressing, clearing up, ironing, we all went out to Church, where I help with the little ones at Sunday School. In the middle of all our activities, one little boy took a nose bleed, and I'm the only one who doesn't faint at the sight of blood! So by lunch time, I was ecstatic (exhausted) to drive up to the Tramway to my Knitting group, where I stuck to the sock knitting. I did attempt to take some photos, but when there are 18 at (several) tables, it was kinda difficult. Here are my attempts (doctored a little)...
And for a while I could forget about the bad weather, and relax a little, and pretend I was in warmer climes. Lots of lovely WIPs', FOs', Yarn (courtesy of Nan), and books to see, lots of food to eat, coffee to drink!
I am very fortunate to attend not one but two knitting groups, and the combination of good company and knitting makes for a fun and relaxing time - almost like being on holiday.
Thank you Suzi for your lovely comment, I hope you can find a little group, or set one up yourself. You would probably get a nice surprise when you discover other knitters close by. I have to say that the "online" knitting community is another added bonus for me - I'm so glad my friend Kathleen persuaded me to blog!

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heather said...

Not to outdo you Mhairi - but my little 4 year old sweetheart woke me at 6.20am on Sunday ! All because Al and I were out (minus the children. Hurrah !)on Friday night and she refused to go to bed for her Papa until we got home (at nearly 11pm) so on Saturday evening she fell asleep at 6.30pm which meant by 6.20am she'd had nearly 12 hours sleep and was full of beans ! Groan :0( Sometimes I wonder if a night out is worth it .......... YES of course it is ! :0)