Wednesday, 21 March 2007

S'now business like .... curling up when you have a cold!

At first I thought it was marks on the dirty windows , then I thought perhaps it was some early cherry blossom, but after two minutes it made its presence felt and lots of wet snow/hail came falling down! And this , the first time in three months when I decide to visit the hairdressers and get a haircut (having curly hair , my hair grows the "long way down", so frequent haircuts not required). Mouse (computer type) still giving me problems - I guess it the age of my computer, it's at least , oh must be, three years old now. Anyway, on to the knitting content - many photos to show now I recharged the camera - to start, here are my purchases from the craft fair. The bright orange hank is from New Lanark Mills, and was only a penny a gram - I love this colour and just had to buy it, not enough for a sweater but I have a few ideas for it. New Lanark is a lovely place to visit, it was originally set up by Robert Owen in the 19th century as cotton mills and a village for the workers, and now it is a "working museum". She who doesn't "do" four ply, bought this gorgeous summery colour of Rowans 4 ply cotton - how could I resist. Now I have enough for a camisole and a cropped cardi, but which summer will I knit them for ? Just to show the sun does shine occasionally in Scotland, in between the snow showers, gale force winds, rain and mist! And I dot a gold.... a dold (a cold!) In fact my nose is the same colour as that hank of yarn (did I mention its 100% aran wool).
So for comfort knitting, we have the cushion cover which is being knitted in Shipwreck'd (100% Merino hand dyed) soft and cozee. Then we have the (taking forever to knit 'cos i keep getting distracted by other projects) kid mohair sweater (or sleeve as shown here), which is so soft and cozee too, and I can't wait to finally wear it when its done.
Last Thursday was flavaknits night, and there were so many of us that we took up three tables (okay there were 10, but hey, thats a lot!). There was a new member, Maggie, who was knitting some beautiful fingerless gloves in Rowans Cashsoft and Kidsilk Haze (SWOON!). Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, and Karen was wearing her lovely bonita top (from the recent Rowan Magazine) knitted in Sirdar Indigo AND her Rowan All seasons cotton jacket . She knits too fast... and I'm just jealous! I will get a photo soon. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the Tramway on Sunday, as it was Mothering Sunday, I was.....mothering! I was awoken by two small boys launching a card and box of chocolates at me, and after being jumped on for a full ten minutes decided that breakfast in bed was NOT a good idea. Visiting my parents, I was supposed to be helping my sister make the Sunday dinner, but Junior jnr decided he was a small monkey who wanted to hang on mummy monkey, and NO, mummy was NOT to go in the kitchen. He was then persuaded it was a better idea to jump about with Daddy monkey instead.
I went to bed early on Sunday with a trashy novel and some hot chocolate - now THATS what Mothering Sunday is all about!


Anonymous said...

The Lanark yarn looks lovely - I love the colour. And at 1p per gram - wow! I assume that was a special price for the craft fair? I looked at their website and it was more expensive - I wish I could have made it to the craft fair!

Poshyarns said...

Oh the Lanark yarn looks so lovely and such a bargain. I am knitting with 4ply cotton at the moment, slowly....

Thank you for your comment on my gnome hats and yes, there may well be somesort of wicked Blogger conspiracy!

heather said...

Love the colour of the kid mohair - it's beautiful. Hope your cold's better now the weather's improved :0)