Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Happy Hookers and one skein wonders

Comic delivery day in our house - peace perfect peace for two minutes! After a busy morning in town (and the purchase of yet another Knitting magazine) I returned home to find my delivery from Amazon - The Happy Hookers by Debbie Stoller and One Skein wonders by Judith Durant. Yvonne, who was at the Craft Fair had this book , and I kept "borrowing" it to have a wee look. She had made three items from it over the duration of the craft fair. Junior Jnr was given a comic and some sweeties to keep him quiet while I perused my two lovely new books - and yes, I have a longer list of want-to-do projects. My stash should hopefully be depleted soon - then again maybe not! Several patterns that I'm not feeling the love for may be abandoned in favour of patterns in the book.
I'm not too confident with the crochet yet, but I think there are one or two patterns I can try (groan - mohair sweater may NOT be finished this year after all). On the sock front - I am ahead of my sister (yehay!) but not by much, so I must get down to some serious knitting this evening to ensure I keep ahead (after a wee look on the Rowan website of course!).

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Karen said...

Hi Mhairi, bought the One Skein book too! Great minds huh? Already made one of the hat patterns using the possum fur. Socks finished and worn too, I'll wear them tonight! See you then.