Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Food Glorious Food!

Some of my friends with blogs ( India, Elaine ) post tempting shots of food - cupcakes, sodabread, soup, etcetera, etcetera . And I just want to jump right into the screen and eat it (especially the sodabread), and I end up rummaging in my cupboards for something tasty. But today, I have my own pictures of lovely food! Good Food, not out of a tin/packet nonsense, or value/savers rubbish. This stuff is demolished the minute it is ready.
Mabel Pearmans Burford Browns - the most beautiful, delicious Free Range Eggs !
Boiling them a la Delia Smith!
Serve them with Rocket, avocado sliced, smoked Trout and baby plum tomatoes - with just a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt. Look at THAT yolk, a definite bold yellow - Proper Eggs! And on the Knitting front - things progressing slowly, but on Saturday will be helping out on the Knit and Knatter stall at the Craft Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. Did this last October and really enjoyed it, so fingers crossed it goes well this time.....and those other stalls, need to leave the plastic at home!
Heather, I don't envy you having a 6.20am alarm call after a night out - Its the same thing when you decide to stay up and watch a late film.....nice at the time! Still I suppose it is a lovely way to be woken - my 2 year old insists on bouncing up and down on Mummy and Daddy in the bed to wake us up - bit too energetic really!

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