Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Unicorn has landed!

It was not looking promising this morning when I put a load of washing in the machine, so I hoped for a strong wind but got gorgeous sunshine instead! Fabulous, washing out to dry , kids out in the garden (for a short while) , and a package to open!
But first - my finished Marlenes' ! Aren't they lovely, I finished them late last night , and I added my own signature to them , can you tell ? Can you see anything ..... different about them ?
Yep! I made left and right ones - the toe gives the game away. To be honest, I was so tired last night I didn't notice I was making the toe different to the first sock , however , I was wondering how I would make them different, so I could have left and right socks! Brain was way ahead of me here.
Looking and feeling good though !
Of course , Patrick the cement mixer from Thomas the Tank Engine, had to get in on the act , here he is showing off the different toes !
And the package ? It contained this .....
gorgeous Unicorn yarn from QueenieAmanda at Natural Dye Studio. There are two riddles to solve which will give me letters, and these letters go to make up the name/s of the fibres that make up the yarn, one down nine to go!
I didn't quite get enough light when taking this photo, so here is a close up , it really is gorgeous, and feels so silky smooth .
I was going to make up socks with this yarn , but I don't know now, it feels too good! Perhaps a shawlette !
Got DS1's report card today , he did BRILLIANTLY! Which is great cos I've been a wee bit concerned about him lately, he can be so shy at times .
So now I will be forking out some cash for a computer game - which he fully deserves , Well done sweetie!


Paula said...

The Marlene socks look great.

npaBDa said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! What else could a Mother ask for? A beautiful sunny day,a package of new excellent yarn and good grades on your son's report card!

Marissa said...

Can't wait to get my unicorn yarn, but will have to wait till next week.

knitso said...

gorgeous Marlenes, especially the toes. Love your blog - how amazing that you can just feel your laidback attitude coming through! Wish I'd been able to get in on the Unicorn challenge but the yarn budget just has spread itself too thinly.