Friday, 3 April 2009

Beautiful Sheep!

Thank You all for the lovely comments on my Marlene's , they feel wonderful to wear. I am still deciding on what to do with my Unicorn , a wee perusal of the patterns on Ravelry may be in order .
I had a wonderful evening last night at Flavaknits , except it was at Carries home for a wee change . Carrie had put on a marvelous spread (her coffee cake is D-vine!) , and Jo had brought a fabulous Victoria Sponge baked by her own talented Husband. A wee (not so) secret about me , I ADORE homebaking , I will elbow old grannies out the way at the local fete to get my scones and millionaire shortbread , even if it was me who baked it for the fete ! So last night I was in my element.
Innes came along for her first Flavaknits night , and brought lots of fabulous things , her spinning wheel , natural fleece and fibre , book and samples of British Breed sheep , the Beautiful Sheep book, some posters showing the different British Breeds and her gorgeous Handmade stitch-markers . There was not too much knitting happening , as we oohed and aahed over the different fibres , and Carri tried her hand at spinning (she's good , no really, she's good , we may just have to hate her for it! hehehe!)
We also got to see Innes' hand-dyed yarn , she uses natural plants and shells to get some wonderful colours and effects , depending on what type of pot she uses (aluminium or cast-iron) . She had also just spun some beautifully soft and lustrous merino , and one lucky baby will be getting a wee jacket made from it.
Sandy and I had a giggle at some of the pictures in the "Beautiful Sheep book" . These pictures show sheep all done up for show , so they have all been shampoo-ed and blow dry-ed . One in particular looked very haughty and aristocratic , on the following page the sheep looked rather unattractive , so we called the haughty one Blackadder and the plain one Baldrick !
One article in a book Innes brought explained how important sheep have been to human civilization , with a picture of some shepherds driving sheep ove the desert. From wool for clothing and bedding , to milk for drinking , cheese and meat for eating . Beautiful sheep indeed .
We also got to admire pictures of Marions' new grand-daughter , as she had just got back the day before , she is a wee sweetie .
Got home a bit later than I normally do , but the time just flew in .
This morning was DS1's school Easter Service , and what a lot of talented and hard-working children. There was a brass band playing , school choir singing Hallelujah * , an Easter Rap , and a piece on Pesach .
And the new Church Minister/School Chaplain recited some lovely poetry (beautiful lilting Northern Irish accent). So much talent , it was lovely ! It even took the edge of going to the Dentist to discover I may need a crown removed , root canal treatment and a tooth removed ! Yikes, but not just yet thankfully.
Time for some knitting I think !
* Second verse missed out , not quite suitable for the 7-11 year old age group really!

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