Friday, 17 April 2009

Back to Front!

Well, I was feeling so proud of myself knitting up my Baudelaire sock and not managing to make too many mistakes. It was looking good and feeling good , but I was unsure about the size thinking it may be a wee bitty too big .
Then I discovered (thank you Irene! ) that I had been reading the chart BACK TO FRONT ! D'OH!
In knitting , charts are usually read from right to left , as you knit , but no , I had read mine as I normally read , left to right !
However , it looks okay.
Because , Cookie A patterns are generally mirror images , and the only difference is my ssk's and k2togs are the other way round and lie flat instead of a wee bobble effect.
Which leads me to another question ..... Did I knit my Marlene's back to front !
And do I have Knitting Chart Dyslexia ?
Thank goodness I'm not following a chart for my Kiri shawl , goodness , it may have ended upside down as well as back to front !
Ah well , at least the sun is shining . Although the temperature is cold enough to make a Penguin shiver !


Once A Sheep said...

The Beaudelaire's are stunning, who would know they were supposed to have a bobbly effect anyway??

You can always pass the design off as your own unique version!

Kiri is beautiful too and perfect in Unicorn.

Irene said...

I prefer your version Mhairi - much neater than my bobbles!! Perhaps chart dyslexia makes for a more creative knitter! lol