Monday, 30 March 2009


Had a lovely afternoon at TramwayKnits yesterday , seeing all the lovely things folks were knitting , having a tasty lunch (and large latte , cos a gal needs her caffeine intake , 'specially after a morning looking after the bairns!), and, because it was Sunday, a large piece of cheesecake !
I was also de-stashing some of my knitting magazines , which unfortunately, I won't really get to knit anything from . I'm also on a Knitting magazine Diet , for Lent.....and probably beyond . Its just that there are so many lovely knitting magazines out there , and I buy them without realising I don't knit quick enough to be able to knit all the patterns in them that I like!
Back to the knitting....there was an abundance of gorgeousness yesterday. Kathleen had her Hap shawl in Shilasdair naturally dyed yarn, and was fast running out of the green (500 stitches on her needles now - take a bow Kathleen , and cue the Trumpet fanfare!) , but it still looked and felt fabulous to us .
Fiona was knitting a scarf/stole in a lovely shetland yarn , very light and airy looking. I might be wrong but it looked the palest shade of green, so pretty .
Catherine (who was wearing her lovely lilac shade knitted jacket) was knitting a cardigan in a lovely yarn in a shade of Deep purple , and it looked like it wouldn't be long before she would be wearing it!
Gloria had transferred a pattern from a beret and was knitting matching handwarmers , in a "glorious" shade of pink. It is such a lovely set , and the colour really suits her.
Maggie was almost finished her new cardi , it what I now call Maggies' colours , beautiful shades of rust and mustard. Really I should have taken a picture, as I'm not too good at describing it. She also had a gorgeous bag in similar shades , with a snowflake fairisle pattern on the front, as well as a smaller clutch style bag with cables inside that! The woman is prolific !
Patsy arrived a wee bit later and showed us her lovely crochet cardi , a gift for her daughters friends wee baby. We also had to stroke her ankles (!?!) , as she had finished her new socks , and was proudly wearing them .
Didn't manage to see what Evelynn and Irene were knitting , but Maggie had brought her (first) sock along , and was doing really well. She is knitting it in one of those fabulous self-patterning yarns , that help make boring stocking stitch interesting!
It was such a lovely relaxing afternoon , which was great because the evening was.....not!
Still, once the kids were in bed I got to drink some tea and watch the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency - just as good as the books!

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Kathleen said...

Yeah, I had fun as well, a nice few hours spent in good company, aaah. x K