Monday, 27 April 2009

Lazy Rainy Mondays

Today the kids have a holiday , not sure why they get this one , but I am not complaining. Its rainy and misty outside but warm and cosy inside so we are having a Pyjama day, well, morning really as we need to go out in the afternoon!
Breakfast in front of the television , mummy sneaking back to bed for a lie in , bliss really .
Yesterday , had a lovely afternoon at Tramwayknits . Heather was there too , showing us her gorgeous pink cashmere lace hoodie in progress , such a gorgeous shade and so soft (take a look here). She also brought some lovely squishy looking yarn in beautiful shades of purples/greys/blues and a lovely Skein Queen skein of aran in a golden/silver shade .... swoon!
Nan turned up yesterday with a big bundle of Glorias' gorgeous hand-dyed yarn , and we all dived in . Sarah and I nearly came to blows over the Hyacinth* colourway, but knitters as always come to a polite agreement , hehehe! Gloria had knitted some samples , and they all looked wonderful , she is a truly talented person , I'm hoping it will rub off on me soon!
The lovely Gloria was there too , knitting a gorgeous lacy top from the Knitted Lingerie book (forgotten authors name, d'oh!)
Many of the Tramwayknitters (or nutters as the resident waitress calls us!) were wearing their creations. Maggie had her gorgeous blue ripple cardigan on , the colours and design suited her so well . The yoke and sleeves are solid blue and the ripple effect bodice has stripes in brown and blue colours. Fiona had on her Noro short sleeved cardi in a gorgeous denim blue colour . Alice had her beautiful version on the Wedgewood blouse done in Twilleys' freedom yarn . Gloria was wearing her fitted sweater done in Rowan Escape yarn , two shades , one a grey variegated colourway , the other a pinky red. Nan had her lovely swing cardigan done in Debbie Bliss Soho yarn (buttons to match , she is so clever). Oh yes , nearly forgot I was wearing my Noro Kochoran shortie cardi too !
When Patsy arrived , she showed us her marvelous Charity (thrift) shop find, a beautiful angora cardigan , crochet edging with metallic yarn , and the loveliest buttons , little black chunky squares with diamonte` crystals set in the centre . I can't understand why anyone would have put it in the charity shop , it was so lovely , at least now, someone who likes it, owns it .
Patsy also helped Sarah wind her skein of yarn into a ball .... well almost . They started with Patsy holding the skein and Sarah winding on the ball winder , then they came to a big tangle, so , off the ball winder the yarn came , several hours later or so it seemed , Sarah was winding it by hand after several unsuccessful attempts at trying to put the yarn back on the ball winder !
And the moral of the story .... don't let Patsy near skeins as the end up in a tangle ! Hehehehe! (Thinking of the cashmere!) Only joking , Patsy!
Mary and Maggie (another one!) came along too . Maggie was making great progress with her sock having turned her very first heel , then the fun began with the gusset! When I last saw , she was making great strides with it. Mary was trying her hand at a crochet blanket in a lovely bright shade of red. Knowing how much baby Abby loved my ball of bright red yarn , I'm sure the lucky baby will love this blanket .
The afternoon was so enjoyable and passed too quickly .
But Pyjama day cheered me up ..... time to get the boys sorted for going out , wish me luck!

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