Sunday, 5 April 2009

Wee anecdotes

The Easter Holidays are upon us now , thank goodness, no yelling to get kids out in time for school , no making sure there are clean uniforms , change for snack money or the various other activities.
DS2 is looking forward to some play time , and has a list of toys he needs! On entering the local charity shop he spied a kids microscope, which he has been badgering me for, and asked if we could buy it. Being a wonderful mother (!) I said not now ,we will need to save up our pennies. He then takes matters into his own hands to ensure he gets this microscope - and promptly tells the Sales assistant not to sell it to anyone , cos we will be back for it , oh and to make sure no one steals it either, cos we need a microscope to look at germs on our hands !! The poor woman went along with it.
I fear his brother has taught him well
We may need to return for it at some point , if my life is to be made worth living , but I'm making good use of it to bribe him into good behaviour.
This morning at Church the new minister was getting into the swing of things , he asked the kids to go down the front and sit nicely to listen to the story (!!) As he is asking questions about things , DS2 in a bored and loud voice replies - "We already know that!" cringe..... Later he tries to kiss girls in the Sunday School class.
He's four years old . . . . . I've got my work cut out here!

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Kathleen said...

Sounds like you have, and will have, your hands full there!
I admire his initiative in the Charity Shop and I hope the assistant's as good as her word and holds it for him till he saves his pennies! x K