Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Whatever the Weather!

Living near the river means that the weather is prone to great changes within a day , especially in Scotland!
We've had wonderful sunshine for a while now , although it has been very cold , but yesterday that big old Sun had HEAT! Wonderful!
Instead of sitting out the garden , or going for long walks , a mother of two children does lots of clothes washing and pegging them out to dry!
Today, of course the rain returned, but I am re-assured that it will improve later . Well it has already , especially since I saw this ... (ravelry link)
And for those of you without Ravelry , follow this flickr link to see Gloria's wonderful new hand-dyed sock yarn , its just beautiful .
Gloria is a very talented lady who comes along to the Tramwayknits group , and is marvellous at so many crafts , Knitting , machine knitting , crocheting , dye-ing , felting , lace-making ....... the list is endless .
So I am very excited to see that she has branched out into the sock yarn , and our good friend Nan who runs Stitching Time shop in Hamilton is the sole supplier just now .
There is just so much temptation for a girl who knits socks just now . I think next year , if I get up to speed, I may just have to knit a pair a week!
Ah well , time to get back to the ironing (the downside of a sunny day in Scotland after all that washing!)

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