Saturday, 11 April 2009

Help is there a Doctor about!

There are monsters abroad , or more precisely at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum! The Dr Who exhibition has arrived , and we booked tickets for the day the Dr Who special is going to be broadcast on BBC 1 , good timing eh !
DS1 & 2 with Abzorbaloff monster , created by a 9 year old for a Blue Peter competition .
My eldest has been Dr Who daft since he watched it at his Grandparents house three year ago. He's an anxious child and we worried it might give him nightmares. We needn't have worried , the gorier the better, he loves it.
The Cybermen are a big favourite , we have all the toys including a very scary mask!
And now my youngest has caught the bug! He particularly likes the previous incarnations of the Doctors, starting with number one William Hartnell. When an actor dressed up as the fourth Doctor was entertaining the queue into the exhibition and offering them Jelly Babies , he cried out "I know you , You're Tom Baker !"
The Hath were fish like monsters who breathed bubbles into a glass tube! I do wonder about the folk who thought these creatures up!
A very successful day out indeed , lots of (bad) photo's to commemorate the event , DS1 even tried to dress up like the (Tenth) Doctor and complained that "David Tennant should have been at the exhibition, I mean, he's from Paisley so its not that far!" Its difficult to get children to understand that although an actor is from a local town , they may not actually live there anymore .
I have been doing some knitting , although I'm not managing to finish anything so far , there are socks on the needles , a sweater and now a shawl !
This is the start of my Baudelaire socks, Cookie A Pattern , and Old Maiden Aunt alpaca/silk blend yarn, colourway Neptunes' Daughter . I'm knitting them on 2.25mm needles , Langs aluminium double points , but unfortunately it makes my shoulder ache after a while (an old RSI) . The yarn is gorgeous to knit with , the pattern is a simple toe-up and looks very effective .... then you get to the gusset and heel and get confused (I am a woman of a certain age , its not hard to confuse me!)
However it will be lovely to wear them when I am done!
Below is the start of my Kiri Shawl , knitted in my Unicorn yarn (fibres unknown as yet , but I've made a guess so far!)
I wasn't sure if the yarn was suited for the pattern , but I'm feeling fairly confident it will turn out well . AND..... I am using my new Addi click needles ..... all I can say is .. FABULOUS!
And this is the front of my slant cabled sweater from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008. I'm using Rowan Classic Baby alpaca , a gorgeously soft yarn that I bought in the sale at John Lewis in January. Knowing how chilly Spring is in Scotland , once finished I'll probably be wearing it until July!
I am at the sleeves just now , which is really just increasing every alternate row at the sides giving a slight bat-wing effect which is rounded off with some ribbing. I keep holding it up against me to measure how much more I have to knit , and to give it a wee cuddle (its really that squishy!).
Well there is no time like the present , and I doubt Dr Who could knit it up quicker for me, so I'd best be getting on with my knitting !
"Avante!" *
* One of Dr Who's catchphrases , he has a fondness for Italian for some reason!

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Once A Sheep said...

Dr Who looked fun I'm sorry we will miss it DhH would have loved it. The knitting looks great too, I love the Beaudelaire's and i was fancying the Kiri with Unicorn myslef, how funny!