Saturday, 25 April 2009

Flavaknits Stories

It was a quiet evening on Thursday at Flavaknits , the girls from Dunoon were unable to come and Marion and Moira were otherwise engaged . Poor Sandy has given herself concussion so needs to take it easy for a while . I was feeling a bit under the weather , so there was not much knitting done . Still , the lovely Innes was able to come along this week and entertain us with her many interesting stories .
Innes belongs to a Gaelic singing (wauking) group (only ref I can find with wauking) , and they often visit schools to give demonstrations. She also takes her spinning wheel along to show how that is done too!
Both Innes and her husband have native Gaelic speaking parents , and one story concerned her Father-in-law who grew up in a street in Greenock where folk spoke Gaelic and Italian! When he went to school he spoke no English, only a Gaelic/Italian patois!
A big part of the conversation was on dialect and local expressions - Carrie was asked by her American friends to speak some "Scots" on her recent trip home . Which is funny because West Coast Scottish accent sounds as if you are having an argument !
The conversation deteriorated from there !
Kimberly had brought along her new skein of Natural Dye Studio cotton to start some new socks for her sister who is allergic to wool . Carrie offered to help Kimberly wind her skein into a ball , and they ended up making a side show of it ! The skein of cotton kept catching on Kimberlys' wrist piercings as she tried to hold it (on her wrists and not hands!!) ouch! Then the ball kept falling (being dropped) so they switched , but that didn't help . Meanwhile the Cafe staff were trying to close for the night , and cleaning round about them ! I think Lewis will need to buy Kimberly a yarn swift and ball wonder soon .
And it looks like we may have our first open air spinning day , with the lovey Carrie kindly agreeing to host, after our discussions on Thursday evening . Spinning is fast becoming another big hobby for our knitting group folk, as at least six of us spin now . Innes learned to spin by air mail correspondence with her Auntie in New Zealand , just after the 1988 Garden Festival in Glasgow (I think there was some spinning display there that caught her attention !) The rest of us learned more recently but are bitten by the bug !
Well the sun is shining , DH and DS1 are away to watch Partick Thistle play football at Firhill (I'll leave the football jokes out here !), and DS2 is watching his new Doctor Who DVD and refusing to come out to the garden. So I am just going to sit outside, drink tea and knit some more !


Twelfthknit said...

"Partick Thistle Nil!!"

Oops, couldn't resit ;0)

Anonymous said...

Pertick Thussel!? Oh my! Lol!

20somethingknits said...

Poor Carrie! I don't think she knew what she was letting her self in for when she offered to help me. lol