Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Being a Mum ...

Its not an exact science , although it can be quite exacting ! DS2 complained of a sore tummy on the way to Nursery this morning , hmmm , looked okay, no temperature, not off food , hhmmmm..... Seemed fine at Nursery but complained again , better safe than sorry , so no Nursery for DS2 today. Went to cafe to tell Auntie she didn't need to pick him up today , and he seemed to be miraculously better !
So much so , that a wee trip to Braehead with Auntie (who's a NURSE for crying out loud) went well , including a wee bite of lunch. On the way back home he seemed to be sleepy then .... WOWOWWOW ! Mum , think we'll need to clean the car ...... and promptly falls asleep .
Will need to put the car in for a Valet service , and that's after cleaning it for an hour with the strongest detergent I could find .
Next time , when in doubt , stay home .
On a more positive note , got my Cookie A Sock Innovation book and got started on my May KAL, which is the first pattern in the book and is called Glynis ! Tried three yarns before settling on one , its a gorgeous Arauncunia sock yarn in shades of green and feels marvelous to knit with , AND it had plenty of elasticity in it to compensate for the inelastic nature of the pattern . The yarn was a lovely gift from my good pal Nan, who runs Stitchingtime yarn store in Hamilton , for a "special " birthday last year . So far I had just kept it special, and my good pal Karen kindly wound it into two balls on her lovely noste`pinne (hope you feel better soon Karen!).But now its time to show it off in a lovely pair of socks (photo's soon , I promise).
And its raining , perfect knitting weather !


soCherry said...

ooh - ive got some of that yarn in my stash from nan's shop - glad to hear that it's a good one!

heather said...

Oh no ! - I have SO been there. Holiday to Mull, 5 years ago, multiple "hits" due to car sickness. It took a loooooooong time to fully get rid of that smell ! Sorry :0( hope he's feeling better !