Wednesday, 1 August 2007

A trip to Hamilton!

Today started out dreich and dismal, the clouds were below the hills and the rain spattered everywhere. It began to clear up on the way out of Gourock, and by the time my sister and I arrived at Hamilton.... it clouded over again! Yes the sun did come out for a short while, but we didn't need it, cos we had found our way to Stitching Time, Nans' shop
A cup of coffee, macaroon and a few hours later, we did emerge into the sunlight again (Did I buy anything? wait and see....) We met the delectable David, otherwise known as TB, got a good look around the new Designer Room (As Edina in AbFab would say, gorgeous sweetie, just gorgeous!), as well as most of the other rooms . Admired the Victorian Lace book again, and saw the start of something lovely (loved the stitch markers Nan!)
And of course I bought something, Nans' nickname isn't Yarn Pimp for nothing you know! But first, here is something I made earlier....
My Shipwreck'd cushion cover (I can hear Patsy saying, fantastic darling, absolutely fantastic!) I squeezed the square cushion into it, because I wanted a nice plump, pouffe cushion, and next we have ....
Debbie Bliss astrakan in a sky blue with a matching colour in cashmerino, hoodie pattern for baby girl in background! The YP, she's good y'know!
Now I haven't abandoned my other projects completely, here is one thats been on the go for a few months, and is nearly finished .
Its my one-skein wonder shawl in Colinette Parisienne, I love it, I really like the parisienne, nearly as much as KSH, not quite but nearly!
And last but not least, this is the back of my cotton summer top, I'm showing it as the front , cos they'll be the same, and its awkward trying to show it against my own back!
Its been a fun old day, now back to the knitting (sshhh, the peruvian yarns coming on Sunday, yippee!!)

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