Sunday, 29 July 2007

Tardis lands in Paisley?????

Its true, at approximately 12.20pm , Saturday 28th July 2007, the Tardis was found in Paisley Museum, along with a papiermache Dalek, and a whole exhibition to boot. The place was full of lots of small animated children, talking excitedly, and with the passion only normally seen in Football Managers. Discussions were heated, frank views exchanged, and new monsters were drawn ! Tantrums were thrown when it was time to leave, and it took at least two hours to calm down (when the next Dr Who rerun was due on TV!)
Had David Tennant, the present (10th) Dr Who shown up, First Aid may have been required ! Not a bad looking chappie is David Tennant, and from Paisley too ..... but I digress . I fear I am turning into my mother, although in my day it was the "Tom Baker is a fine actor etc. etc.", as I hid behind the sofa .
I had a stiff drink of wine last night to help recover after the excitement. Then I stroked my colinette parisienne, read the book, stroked it again, and went to bed!
Here they are, not a very good picture, granted, but you get the idea !
I am trying out my new macbook with the battery and wireless connection from the bedroom, its great! Haven't quite had enough time to play about with all the different things yet, like itunes, iweb, garagebands ??? (don't ask, but it has a nice guitar icon)
Don't seem to have much energy this weather, I think it may be summer holidays/harassed mother syndrome. When it picks up again, I am going to do a wee list of ethical/eco-friendly sites, and expand my blog list too .
I visited Bolshie last week, in Glasgows West End - its kinda a wee bit down Bank street, which is just off Great Western Road (not far from Kelvinbridge) . Its a lovely wee shop, with a little cafe area, Mens/Womens organic/enviromentally-friendly/fairtrade Clothing and shoes, accessories (bags made from recycled cartons etc.), a really good selection of organic/fairtrade fabric which you can buy, or asked to be made up to a design. I really recommend it, and thanks to Julia for giving me the details. I don't have a web link for it just now, but am looking into it .
Yawn! And so to bed...

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