Sunday, 5 August 2007

What a Grey day!

What a miserable Sunday it was (still is) weather wise - fortunately for me it was the Tramway Knits day, the only bit of brightness to the day . There was also a lot of colour about the table. Before I continue , here are some photo's, bit dark, but you get the idea!
Josephs multi-colour coat - a before, the ball you can't quite see is a raspberry shade.
The pattern - say no more except Thank You Lynette, and your kind parents.
Well to my left there was Nan, who was knitting a sleeveless sweater in a beautiful green, Louisa Harding wool/silk yarn. Then there was Lynette, knitting her Pinwheel sweater in the you-know-what yarn, and coming along very nicely. She even had the sleeve slits knit in the waste yarn, so she's charging ahead here. India was knitting something complicated in what looked like a lovely handpainted yarn (stole/shawl?) . I didn't quite catch what Thea was knitting as she left early, but it looked like a nice scarf . Gloria was knitting up some socks in a gorgeous blue variegated yarn, Jane was knitting a lovely sweater in a beautiful coral shade (bamboo? cotton? ) , and I never asked Fiona what she was knitting but it looked like a sleeve for something. She did manage to show me her goodies from Chicago , a lovely lilac alpaca, and a handpainted yarn. Catherine was knitting a scarf in a lovely chunky Mohair, and we discussed whether it could be used as a stole as well, since it was wide enough, and the feather and fan design gave it a lovely drape.
And me ? I just ogled my lovely yarn, and continued my one-skein shawl, and ate and drank and ate and drank. But it was a miserable Sunday, what else could one do ?
Edited later - of course I forgot the beautiful Shetland Triangle shawl that India brought in, and Lynettes' lovely handdyed yarn from Old Maiden Aunt (Tiger Lilith)


Kathleen said...

Come on- really- you didn't knit a thing? Bet you'll enjoy your Pinwheel, you've been looking forward to it.
Enjoyed reading the update, we all like to be kept "in the loop" boom boom.

yvette said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Poshyarns said...

Oh your Sunday knit-in sounds lovely, apart from the rain of course, what a perfect way to while away some hours.

heather said...

I'm really sorry I missed it now ! I do like the colours for your pinwheel - looking forward to seeing it ;0)