Saturday, 18 August 2007

Why does it always rain on me.....

Fourth shade and waste yarn knitted in for armholes already!
Its been a miserable summer , even my tomatoes in the green house refuse to grow ! And yesterday I put away the summer clothes.... always a poignant moment . Today, I have on a light sweater, its not been worn since April .
So I am hiding in my room, with my laptop , knitting and tea , while the children play, fight, argue, and take time out to occasionally watch TV . I do quite like these "do nothing" days , it gives the brain time to breathe, and the hands time to do some knitting. I can also look through my new Rowan Magazine, it arrived , at last! Still no free gift though, never mind , gives me time to finish some other projects .
And the cotton top ? well, I guess I'll just wait until next spring to start it again. Now lets see if I can get on to my 5th shade - do you like the colours?


Kathleen said...

I do like the colours! They're really starting to sing now.
Funny you should mention your Rowan free gift, I got mine today and it had Cotton Rope and not All Seasons Cotton as described. Bit of a let down.
Seems like a real punctuation, putting away your summer clothes, but you're probably quite right, won't be needing them anytime soon.
Laughed out loud at the Dr. Who Utopia comment on the blog- thanks for cheering me up! x K

heather said...

Wow - you're making good progress ! I like the colours. It'll be interesting seeing how your's and Elaine's look eventually as you've chosen such different shades.

I got my 42 last week and there's maybe one or two I like but nothing to write home about. Got my free gift too (sorry !) but as I don't really like the pattern I'm looking for other ideas for 4 balls of ASC.

Heather :0)

soCherry said...

Looking good - I do like the colours :)
We're at exactly the same point at the moment!

DO we get a free gift with this issue of Rowan, or do I have to renew to get it?

Elaine x