Friday, 31 August 2007

10 years ago...

I had just arrived back from a business trip to California, USA, was feeling not too great but very excited as I was due to get married at the end of September. I had developed some sort of virus, which the doctors couldn't pinpoint,and it left me feeling weak and listless - although I had plenty of lists to check! I was living in a lovely red sandstone tenement house in the Southside of Glasgow , the kind with huge Bay windows overlooking a green square, and 10 feet high ceilings with gorgeous coving.
In the middle of some Sunday morning programme, there was a news bulletin stating that Princess Diana had just died from injuries sustained from a car accident. Now love her or loathe her, you couldnae miss her - as my old Granny would say, and I was sad that such a public person with two young children had met such an untimely end. I also marvelled at the press who had criticised her previously now venerating her to Sainthood. And I do confess that the very public funeral had me perplexed , being a stoic presbyterian I don't do weeping and wailing and chucking of flowers at hearses , not at complete strangers anyway , no matter how famous. I'm more a cry into a lace handkerchief enveloped in a big black coat, singing the 23rd psalm to the tune Crammond - but each to their own.
Less than a week later, another, less tragic although no less sad, death was announced - that of Mother Theresa. A women whom I am glad was never my mother, as she was quite a force, but for the poor whom she served, I am sure they were eternally glad she was on their side. The strange thing is, I don't remember any news reports of her funeral, just that photo showing her wearing the plain white sari with the blue stripes, and the wee wooden cross pinned on it.
And in a small village Kirk, three weeks later, a marriage ceremony took place with close family and friends. The piper was a Uist man, native gaelic speaker and work collegue to my husband. The minister was retired and friend of the my father. There were children and grannies, aunties and uncles, parents of the bride and groom . And .... it didn't rain (brollies always at the ready!)
Sadly several of the party are no longer with us.... happily there are several more little bodies with us now, and a few more on the way (not me, I've had my quota!)
My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones - we've all been through such pain at one time or another, and it is never easy. However, in my selfishness I will be dwelling on happier things.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Lovely picture - looking so you and innocent ;0)

Kathleen said...

That's a beautiful picture. Have a lovely anniversary when it comes. x K