Monday, 27 August 2007

Getting Slower...

Stopped on the Pinwheel sweater, then started again. The stitches are increasing, and once I cast off I should have 392 stitches.... ouch! Just now its looking like a big colourful rasta hat - maybe that should be the next project. Also need to grow my hair a bit more , mind you, hope this project does NOT take as long to finish as my hair takes to grow! Its curly so it grows the long way down. I believe my knitting buddy Lynette is on the sleeves already , oh well two more shades and I'll catch up with her.
My baby started Nursery today - Daddy and I took him in then were waved off. Hung about a cafe for an hour feeling like a spare part. The killer is when you turn up to take them home, and they scream blue murder that they want to stay! Even a trip to the much beloved Garden Centre was just not cutting it today. Still we calmed down enough to discuss what we liked with Daddy, whilst dipping our feet in mummys' knitting basket. And I managed not to let the mascara run too much!
My Rowan free gift turned up today - it contained cotton rope and not all seasons cotton and was a candy pink instead of a raspberry colour. Still I'll give it a try, would like to do the waistcoat instead of the shawl, especially as I think the rope is more suited to a waistcoat. Note the reflected words, this is what happens when you take a photo with Ibooth.
Have just noticed that this is my ninetieth post - wow, would never have thought that I'd get to ninety, that means I've written on average ten posts a month since I started back in January. Might do something for my one hundredth post, mmmm let me see......
Have an opportunity to go down to an Iknit event, featuring Debbie Stoller, author of Stitch and Bitch. Her next book is called "Son of Stitch and Bitch" and contains patterns for mens knitted garments. If I can manage, I'll be going down for the day, six o'clock start, home by midnight.There will be different events throughout the day (November 10th, Bloomsbury Hotel London .) , one features Amy Lame Pom-Poms. Don't ask, she's a one women show and looks like an extra from Happy Days!
Visited the Dr Who exhibition (again!) on Saturday, and this time GOT TO KNIT! Yes you guessed, it was a Dr Who scarf. They inviting folk to knit a few rows each, in the hope that eventually they would get to the world record length for a Dr Who scarf . Then they would "gift" it to David Tennant the present Dr Who ,who will no doubt want to poke his eyes out with Pony Plastic needles when he gets a feel of the itchy scratchy squeaky acrylic yarn thats been used,to say nothing of the "design" issues , i.e. holes it contains. Still never look a gift horse in the mouth!
Oops, just remembered left the ice-cream out to soften - smoothie anyone ?


heather said...

mmm..... not sure the rasta look is really you Mhairi ...... still if YOU like it, go for it ! ;0)

Anonymous said...

oooh I am so tempted by the iknit event.... I shouldn't go but I really wanna!

Where is the Dr Who exhibition?

tash said...

Love the hat. I've just picked up the needles again after a long time, and I feel oddly awash with inspiration and calm. Perhaps it's just what I needed.

Glad your little one enjoyed his first day and also glad the mascara didn't run :) A smoothie sounds lovely - it's balmy here, just what I need!