Friday, 3 August 2007

So you didn't backup...

three years worth of photo's gone - the old macs hard drive was a no-hoper in the end . And of course I hadn't put any photo's on disc , (I had printed some, but nothing like the 800 stored on iphoto). So tomorrow its a big pile of discs to save any future photo's . Thankfully the other files were nothing much so not to be missed . Now I have to reinstall the printer - oh joy.
Still, least I've got the Macbook - trusty little Macbook! I think I need to do a course on computing, cos I know nothing and it scares me. Or rather the damage I could do cos I know nothing .
Had a lovely evening at Flavaknits last night - Gale was back from South Africa, and had very kindly brought back Jelly Tots (they are softer than the UK ones!) for the children . Poor Karen was still recovering from her hand operation, and although she had tried knitting, it took a few hours just to do one row. She comforted herself with her Noro Iro ebay bargain, and some lovely Noro books of Marions. Kimberley had finished her beautiful Colinette Tao beret, and was working on a Rowan Big Wool Moss Stitch cardi in a bright pink. Moira had brought her bargain Knitting book, which had some fun knits in it, many using Rowan big wool/biggy print/ribbon twist etc. And I have to admit I did like the knitted knickers done in a lilac cotton! I had brought in my Colinette Parisienne yarn and book, as well as the DB astrakan. Still knitting the shawl, hopfully have it done by Sunday.
Sunday......its peruvian highland wool day - well I need something to cheer me up!
Today I took the boys to Ardardan, a farm shop/tea room/nursery in the middle of a working farm. They were very excited about seeing the Highland cows (its Highland Cattles mummy!) the sheep , the pigs and the free range hens . The hens looked very well indeed with the exception of one who looked like it may have got caught in some farm machinery and escaped by its tail feathers. Had a lovely lunch (very good home baking!) and took home some of the eggs. The eggs were so big they're bursting out of the box!
Anyone for Omlette ?

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Kathleen said...

Sorry to hear about your photos. I won't rub it in, but it's especially a pity if you lost pix of your boys. Sigh.