Saturday, 4 August 2007

A Lesson learnt the hard way

So it was off to a shops today to get the weeks groceries AND a box of CD-R, and cases for them. Plan is to use my Macbook for blogger photo's, and the Big Mac for family ones, TO BE SAVED ONTO THE DISCS ON A REGULAR BASIS !(she shouts to herself) I am still in mourning over losing the pictures (especially the kids ones) , but hopefully we can get copies from family of the better ones. Thank you Kathleen for your kind sympathy.
One of the lovely things about the macbook is that I can take spontaneous photos using the photobooth facility - here are some with the bizarre effects (somebody wanted to look like a Dr Who monster!)
The one eyed siwel!
The Odd Bodds!
And a nice b&w effect
And the facility means I can take a photo of myself in my FO's, without some weird and wonderful mirror effect . Although I still find it a bit scary seeing myself on the computer screen!
I have found of late that my focus is ...missing, and I still have several unfinished projects that I was convinced I would have finished just now - I guess this summer I just lost my knitting mojo, (along with my photo's, okay, I'll not mention them again). Didn't stop me from buying yarn, but the yarn is languishing in the stash just now .
And tomorrow I get more! My Peruvian Yarn ! I keep looking at the pattern I'll be using the yarn, and can't wait to get started, so... I am promising myself that once I start, I'll not stop until I finish. You read it here . It should help that several other folk from my knitting group will be knitting this too, and act as encouragement. The pattern is also something I've not tried before (basically knitting a big circle with arms coming out it).
Anyway, tonight I get back to those summer projects, its not too late, September can be mild!

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